Our Services

Delayed, mishandled and misplaced baggage is a logistical nightmare for both the airline and the passenger. Waiting for hours, or even days, to be reunited with one’s luggage can damage the entire customer experience.

We believe that we are also a part of the airline which gives us business and hence consider ourselves to be like the face of the airline where we happen to be the last point of contact with the passenger on behalf of the airline and hence we feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that we are able to deliver the best of service to the passengers which can help to bring a smile on their faces.

Our professional, courteous service can mend a damaged relationship as we approach the delivery as a final point of contact with the passenger.

We not only deliver the missing baggage to the passengers but repair damaged baggage too. Apart from this we provide all type of support to the passengers even after the delivery of the baggage, which otherwise may not be a part of the normal baggage delivery practice. As we believe in the saying that “A satisfied client is the best business strategy”.